District Court Surguja

                         The Judicial history of Surguja District came into existence during the Princely State of Surguja . The Princely State of Surguja came under the Protection of British Government of India in the year 1818, after the third Anglo Maratha War. It is considered that Surguja state operated as the overlord of the current states of Jashpur, Udaipur (Dharamjaigarh, Distt.- Raigarh), Changbhakhar and Korea.

                         The hereditary title of the native ruler of the princely state of Surguja was Maharaja, who exercised full administrative and jurisdictional powers and authority. An advisory committee consisting of 3 members was established in the year 1944 on the initiative of the ruler. The state was one of the original constituent members of the Chamber of Princes, a number of smaller states indirectly represented by 12 princes who were elected periodically by them. In 1940, the Maharaja of Surguja was admitted to the Chamber in his own right. The evidence of it is available at the main door of the local Collectorate building where inscription as to it shows that then a Combined High Court building was available here which was built in the year 1936 then this district was under Central Provinces and Berar State, the ruler presided over as a Judge also.

                         The present building of District & Sessions Court Surguja is situated near Gandhi Chowk Ambikapur . District & Sessions Court Surguja came into existence in 1969 . Prior to 1969 this District was under the control of District and Sessions Judge Raigarh (C.G.). Mr S P Khare was the first District and Sessions Judge Surguja (CG) who assumed charge on 17.01.1969 .

Outlying Courts of District Court Surguja ( Ambikapur ) are :-

1 Civil Court  Sitapur

Ramanujganj Wadrafnagar, Balrampur and Rajpur were also the outlying station of District Court Surguja before  27 Jan 2018

Surajpur and Pratappur were also the outlying station of District Court Surguja before 2nd October 2013 .

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