Places of Interest

Sedam Waterfall

At Ambikapur-Raigad road  45 km from Ambikapur, a village named Sedam. Two kilometers in the south direction A beautiful waterfall flows between the hills at a distance. A water trough is built on the falling place of this waterfall. There is also a Shiva temple here. A fair is seen on the Shivratri in the village of Seedam. This waterfall is also known as Ram Waterfall.


Mainpat is 75 km away from Ambikapur, it is called Shimla of Chhattisgarh. Mainpat is situated on Vindh Mountain Mala, which has a height of 3781 feet from the sea level, its length is 28 kilometers and the width is 10 to 13 kilometers. There are two ways to reach Mainpat from Ambikapur, the first route would be via Ambikapur-Sitapur road and the second village would be on the verge Goes down to the main gate. It is a beautiful place filled with natural wealth. Here Sarbhanja waterfall, Tiger Point and Fish Point are the major tourist attractions. Mainpat itself has originated from the Rihand and Mand river.

This is also called Tibet of Chhattisgarh. Here is the life of Tibetan people and Buddhist temple is the center of attraction.


Lakhanpur is 28 km from Ambikapur and 10 kilometers from Lakhnpur is located in Devgarh. In the ancient times of Devgarh, the sadhana of Sage Yamdagni has been in place. Parvati is mentioned in the form of Shakti on the middle of this Shivling. This Shivalinga has been given the title of semi-Narishwar in Shastra. It is also called the Gauri Shankar Temple. In Devgarh, on the bank of the river Renuka, the ruins of Rudra temples were scattered.  Its scenic places, the ruins of the temples, the Gauri Shankar temple, the rectangular geography style Shiva temple, archaeological artistic sculptures and natural beauty. Here every year, in the month of Shravan, Jalabhishek is performed in Shiv Ling. Apart from this, Jalabhishek is also done in Shivaratri.

Kailash Cave

Located on the east side of Ambikapur city, there is a place named Sambarbar which is located 60 kilometers, on which Kailash Cave is located between the natural forest Sushma. It has been constructed by Lord Rameshwar Gahir Guru ji, the highest worshiped saint. It seems like a huge mahal on Mahashivaratri. Its scenic spot cave built Shiva Parvati Temple, Bagha Mada, Badadhr Bir, Yagya Mandap, Jalpaupal, Gurukul Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Gahir Guru Ashram.


Laxmangarh is situated at a distance of 40 km from Ambikapur. This place is at a distance of 3 kilometers from Maheshpur on Ambikapur-Bilaspur road. It is believed that its name was dropped due to the stay of Sri Laxman ji during the Vanvas period. This place is located near Ramgarh. Shivalinga (about 2 ft), Kamal Pushpa, Gajraj Sevit Lakshmi ji, the scenic spot on the stone cliff, there are many artifacts engraved on Krishna births and stone clusters.