Handicraft  have  always  been an important and integrated part of the  Indian culture and tradition of the  people The  Chhattisgarh Handicraft  Development Board established  in the year  2001, is an undertaking  of   Government of Chhattisgarh. The main objective  of the  Board is to achieve all  round development in the field of handicrafts and  to revive the  vanishing  crafts  of the State.
                        In order  to provide  marketing  facilities to the  products  of craftsman  the board has  established  emporium  in brand name of “Shabari “ across  the  India and in  the Chhattisgarh State. The Board is successfully  operating India’s  first “ Mobile  Emporium “  selling the  handicrafts of Chhattisgarh and  across the India.

Godna Craft

hand made printed cotton clothes      handmade saree      Handmade cotton cloths     

  • Printing possibly is the most innovative adaptation of an earlier art form,Godna in its current form ispracticed by a handful of women in Jamgala, a village in Lakhanpur block of Surguja.
  • The  women in this region traditionally used to adorn their bodies with tattoo of late this trend had declined to a point where even the older ladies adept at making tattoo went out of practice.
  • The artisan create the artifact – printing on fabric, silk, brass, pottery, jute bags, cotton saries, designer papers, greeting cards etc.
  • Godna craft is  practiced in Surguja  district of the State.

Clay Art

pot made from clay & organic Painting      pot made from clay      lamp made from clay

  • The soft red soils from the riverbed are gently kneaded by the potter’s hands into utility items as well as contemporary decorative pieces. The potter mould the pliant soil from the river’s upper layer into gentle curves and shapes, baking them in a slow fire from the deeper layers of the river bed his nimble hands created pots or matkas, elephants, horses and lamps.
  • Various artifacts ranging from interior and exterior decoration are created. Vessels, lamps, nandi, flower pots are made out of clay.
  •  Clay art  is practiced  every where in Chhattisgarh.