Tourist Places

Stone Carving Architecture at maheshpur depadih

A huge stone figure of a man is pointed out to be of Samni’s. In near proximity there is a…

Ancient Idol at Devgarh Temple

A village of Ambikapur tahsil, Deogarh is situated on the bank of the Rihand amidst calm and quict scenic beauty….

staircase to go to the cave
Ramgarh Hill

Ramgarh is the most ancient in the historical places of Surguja. It is located in Ambikapur-Bilaspur road. It is also…

Kailash Caves
Kailash Caves

Kailash Caves is situated at Sabarbar which is again 60 Kms to the east of Ambikapur. These caves were created…

Tibbet Temple at Mainpat
Budha Temple, Mainpat

Mainpat is called as Shimla of Surguja. Tibbettians are rehabilitated at mainpat, which run small industries of designer mat (Kalin)…

Old Picture of Tin Tini Stone At Darima
Thin- Thini Patthar

  It is a rock of about two hundred Quintal, cylindrical in shape resting on ground rocks. When it is…