Culture & Heritage

Mahamaya temple

The temple of the ancient Mahamaya Devi is located on the eastern hills of Ambikapur, headquarter of Surguja District. In the name of this Mahamaya or Ambika Devi, the district headquarters is named after her – Ambikapur. According to one belief, Ambika Devi’s Torso is situated in Mahamaya temple Ambikapur & Head is situated in the Mahamaya temple of Ratanpur, Bilaspur District. This temple was constructed by Maharaja Bahadur Raghunath Sharan Singh Dev. In Chaitra and Shardi Navaratri, a number of devotees worship this temple.


There is a takiya village situated on the eastern end of Ambikapur city. In this village Baba Murad Shah, Baba Mohabbat Shah and a small mazar of parrot towards their feet. People of all religions and cast gathered here on the mazar and pray and ask for there good will. Baba Muradshah according to his name, “Murad” Shah fulfills all the prayers.