Budha Temple, Mainpat

Mainpat is called as Shimla of Surguja. Tibbettians are rehabilitated at mainpat, which run small industries of designer mat (Kalin) and woolen cloths. For worship they have made beautiful Buddha temple. They followers of Dalai Lama have developed beautiful atmosphere of humanity in Mainpat.Buddha Temple is a place to appreciate the art of Buddha vihars and people of tibbet.

Photo Gallery

  • Mainpat Tiger Point waterfall
    Mainpat Tiger Point
  • Tiger Point Waterfall
    Tiger Point
  • Mainpat Carnival Water Sport
    Water Sport

How to Reach:

By Air

Darima Airport, Ambikapur is the nearest airport.

By Train

Ambikapur is nearest railway station from there go to bus stand and take a bus or hire a taxi

By Road

Ambikapur is nearest bus stop from there take a bus or hire a taxi